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VRE-TRAK™ Vehicle Recovery Equipment


These Super Heavy Duty Vehicle Extraction Boards can handle the toughest conditions, providing traction for stranded vehicles in Snow, Mud & Sand; Sold in Pairs.

VRE-TRAK-HDs  are made from a special plastic formula that can handle extra heavy vehicles up to 35,000 lbs+ and is suitable for the most adverse conditions and abuse. Free VT-LEASH (8-FT Safety Orange) with every purchase. Simply clear debris around stranded vehicle tires that slip/spin and wedge VRE-TRAKs under the front of slipping tire and slowly pull forward. Easy to use; providing Instant Traction to get out of the worst conditions. Now with New  Special Order Accessory “Bridge Insert” to span gaps in rock for Bridging or Super Heavy Duty Vehicles. (Coming Soon)

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    • Provides Immediate Traction in Mud, Snow or Sand!
    • Super High Impact UV Stabilized Engineering Resin Construction.
    • Handles light duty cars & trucks & even armored vehicles with VRE-TRAK-HD -Virtually Unbreakable! 
    • Built in handles to easily clear debris and insert under tires.
    • Light Weight  at only 6.1 lbs each
    • Can also use VRE-TRAK™ as an emergency shovel to clear snow.
    • Simple vehicle extraction with only 1 person; can eliminate winches in many situations.
    • Can be Linked Together End to End with Xtreme Zip Ties to create instant roads over boggy areas.
    • Each Pair  will nest & stack together for total height of only 4.1” and easy mounting or storage.
    • Super Heavy Duty Stakes (Sold Separately) fit into “+” holes in each corner of VRE-TRAKs -helps prevent movement of VT’s in slippery mud or stake down several VT’s in a row to construct a temporary road in boggy areas.
    • Built-In Storage Box perfect for Zip Ties, Tools and Replacement Treads.
    • Holes in parts also provide outside vehicle mounting & locking options.
    • Special Super Tough 10” Nylon stakes available to prevent slippage in muddy environments and are inserted into “+ holes” in each VRE-TRAK corner.
    • Patent Pending with hexagon hole receivers for Replacement Treads. Repeated usage for years in a high abrasion environments will eventually wear down anything plastic. Therefore we also offer VTRT-TREADS (Sold Separately), which go into any hexagon hole to fill in any wear spots that may develop in the original tread pattern. You can also add VTRT-TREADS to the original VRE-TRAK for Maximum Traction from day one. VTRT-TREADS are sold in packs of 8 pcs or 20 pcs with matching stainless steel washers and screws which attach to through the bottom of VRE-TRAK hexagon-holes.

    Length: 42 Inches
    Width:  14 Inches
    Weight: 6.1 lbs (ea) 



Additional information

Weight 211 oz
Dimensions 44 × 14 × 5 in


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