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VRE-TRAK™ Vehicle Recovery Equipment


These Super Heavy Duty Vehicle Extraction Boards can handle the toughest conditions, providing traction for stranded vehicles in Snow, Mud & Sand; Sold in Pairs of 2.

Standard VRE-TRAK-LTs can handle vehicles up to 5,500 lbs providing not only traction but also support for the vehicle, which assists in extraction. VRE-TRAK-HD is made from a special plastic formula that can handle extra heavy vehicles up to 35,000 lbs+ and is suitable for the most adverse conditions and abuse. Free VT-LEASH (8-FT Safety Orange) with every purchase.

Simply clear debris around stranded vehicle tires that slip/spin and wedge VRE-TRAKs under the front of slipping tire and slowly pull forward. Easy to use; providing Instant Traction to get out of the worst conditions.

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    • Provides Immediate Traction in Mud, Snow or Sand!
    • Super High Impact UV Stabilized Engineering Resin Construction.
    • Handles light duty cars & trucks with VRE-TRAK-LTs & even armored vehicles with VRE-TRAK-HD (Heavy Duty) -Virtually Unbreakable!
    • Built in handles to easily clear debris and insert under tires.
    • Light Weight  at only 6.9 lbs each (LT) and 8.0 lbs (HD)
    • Can also use VRE-TRAK™ as an emergency shovel to clear snow.
    • Simple vehicle extraction with only 1 person; can eliminate winches in many situations.
    • Can be Linked Together End to End with Xtreme Zip Ties to create instant roads over boggy areas.
    • Each Pair  will nest & stack together for total height of only 4.75” and easy mounting or storage.
    • Super Heavy Duty Stakes (Sold Separately) fit into “+” holes in each corner of VRE-TRAKs -helps prevent movement of VT’s in slippery mud or stake down several VT’s in a row to construct a temporary road in boggy areas.
    • Built-In Storage Box perfect for Zip Ties, Tools and Replacement Treads.
    • Holes in parts also provide outside vehicle mounting & locking options.
    • Special Super Tough 10” Nylon stakes available to prevent slippage in muddy environments and are inserted into “+ holes” in each VRE-TRAK corner.
    • Patent Pending with hexagon hole receivers for Replacement Treads. Repeated usage for years in a high abrasion environments will eventually wear down anything plastic. Therefore we also offer VTRT-TREADS (Sold Separately), which go into any hexagon hole to fill in any wear spots that may develop in the original tread pattern. You can also add VTRT-TREADS to the original VRE-TRAK for Maximum Traction from day one. VTRT-TREADS are sold in packs of 8 pcs or 20 pcs with matching stainless steel washers and screws which attach to through the bottom of VRE-TRAK hexagon-holes.

    Length: 42 Inches
    Width:  14 Inches
    Weight: 6.9 lbs (ea) -LT  /  Weight: 8.0 lbs (ea) -HD

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