Milspec Plastics Division of CS Systems Company, Inc. is an Asheville, North Carolina based company that manufactures Patented Cobra Cuffs®, XTREME Zip Ties and other high quality plastic products used by Law Enforcement and Armed Forces around the world. Milspec Plastics also provides a complete package of security related products including Non-Lethal Riot Control, Emergency Response, Active Shooter Go Bags and Tools for Law Enforcement, Military, Professional Security & Civilian markets. Since 2001; Milspec Plastics has a proven track record of providing the most innovative and highest quality products for those that protect us; starting with U.S. Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

When it comes to “Protecting the Protectors” – only the highest quality and most innovative products will do.


Our Managing Partner and Director of Business Development brings a unique background and military experience to Milspec Plastics as a decorated U.S. Army Iraqi War Veteran with 2 combat tours. With decades of experience in plastics engineering and manufacturing contributed by other partners; Milspec Plastics is uniquely qualified to produce cutting edge products which meet the demanding applications of military and law enforcement professionals.

Milspec Plastics is proud to partner with Industries for the Blind Asheville, NC for assembly and order fulfillment requirements.