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HydaKey Item #: MP50

Colors: Black, Tan, Green


(Opens Standard Law Enforcement, Metal Handcuffs)

With innovative plastic snap rivets (2 sizes; 0.125” & 0.062” assembled spacing) to snap through a hole in clothing. Taller Rivet will snap fit through thick clothing like a sweater or tactical gear. Allows the wearer to conceal on shirt tails, socks, underwear, etc.. Appears to be an extra button on top of clothing, but underneath- the key is securely attached.


**Only sold to directly to Law Enforcement, Military or Private Security Companies** Useful for officers as a backup handcuff key (for metal cuffs only), training key, undercover agents, special forces & covert operations. Allows secret access to key for escape if detained, unlawfully. Extremely small and hard to detect. Can also be sown into clothing.          To assemble rivet attachment; Insert Male Rivet through clothing or button hole and into smooth side of key to lock in snap rivet; pull / twist off key to release for use.

Made with Super Tough Resin for repeated key use. Also handy as a back-up key. At just over 3/4” length and 1/2” width, easily fits on a key chain or lanyard.

**Important Notice: HydaKey is only to be used by Law Enforcement, Military or Security Professionals in accordance with all local, state and federal laws or as a tool to counter illegal detainment, for training or as a backup to standard metal handcuff keys. Improper use to evade arrest by civilians is illegal and strongly discouraged. Milspec Plastic assumes no responsibility for the ability to use or misuse of this product**


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