Combat One 3.7oz Field foam

Combat One is the military grade all-purpose skin cleanser, conditioner, and protector. A highly versatile and long-lasting cleaning system, Combat One is specifically formulated for:

Broad Spectrum Hygiene Management. Reducing / eliminating odor. Optimizing natural skin function and natural muscle function. CLEAN and SANITIZE the skin with highly specialized surfactants. Combat One is also Alcohol Free.


Combat One 3.7 oz Field Foam

Combat One foam helps support more thorough application by making it easier to see where the formula is being administered, assuring coverage of the affected areas.

Each foam bottle contains 3.7 fl oz (109 ml) of formula, Approximately 240 applications in each bottle.


Dispense spray directly onto targeted area, according to protocol. No rinse needed.

  • Recommended as an adjunct for therapeutic modalities (electrical stimulation, dry needling, cupping, ultrasound)
  • Friction tools easily guide across the foam and allow the formula to thoroughly absorb into the skin.
  • No sticky residue or film after application
  • Non-greasy


The Science Behind Combat One

The unique, non-toxic formulation of Combat One actually works to preserve the normal protective function of the stratum corneum by:

  • helping to preserve the acid mantle
  • helping to avoid dryness
  • maintaining the key acidic action of the skin’s surface

Other products used clinically for skin cleansing, including soap, water and other chemical agents, may be effective in cleaning the skin, but they also result in significant drying, a rise in skin pH, and damage to the stratum corneum. The compromise of this critical skin layer can be a significant factor in field-acquired conditions.

Combat One, in addition to being an effective skin cleanser, is also non-toxic. With all ingredients being biocompatible, it can be used freely and frequently in areas of the body around mucous membranes, including the perineum and the face.

Stratum Corneum

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