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Xtreme Zip Ties


Black, White, Green, Yellow, Glow in the dark

Colors: Black, White, Green, Yellow
$9.95 /6-Pack
$196.00/ 200 pcs bulk box

Color: Glow in the dark
$11.95/ 6-pack
$265/ 200 pcs bulk box

XTREME ZIP TIES™ are the Only Rubber Based, Super Heavy Duty Zip Tie that folds from 24'' down to 8''. Xtreme Zip Ties provide use a Patented Double Lock to increase locked strap strength and provide a tamper evident secure strap. Why Rubber? Rubber helps prevent the stress cracking common with nylon zip ties when exposed to cold, heat or folding / creasing. Superior and prolonged shelf life is an added benefit using our rubber based polymer construction.

With up to 300 lbs + of locked tensile strength; Xtreme Zip ties can be used anywhere a Super Heavy Duty Zip Tie is used, but with the extended shelf life and superior temperature resistance not found with nylon based products.

**Up to 7- Year Shelf Life**

Instructions: Simply insert strap end into the inside slot and pull to tighten around object. Once strap is secure with desired tension; push in (depress) the off colored double lock as far as it will go into the locking head. This locks the strap and can not be loosened after double lock is depressed. It can continue to tighten if the strap is pulled further.

Foldability allows easy storage in glove boxes, pockets, etc…

Uses: Secure / Repair any broken object while boating, hunting, fishing, camping with applications in automotive, ATV’s, heavy duty electrical cable ties, industrial, etc..

Glow in the dark zip ties can be used to mark hunting trails or boat dock posts for nighttime visual aids and are strong enough to last for years.

Item # XT-250 (Black, Green, Yellow, White & Glow in the Dark*)

Bulk Boxes contain (4) bags of 50 pcs/ea (unfolded)

6-packs contain 6 folded Xtreme Zip Ties and Special Introductory offer Free Cobra Safe Cutting Tool – For Limited Time Only

*Glow in the Dark uses Phosphorescent additives that absorb light; then glows in a blue/green color in the dark for up to 10 hours. Then once glow is diminished; it will reabsorb light again and glow in the dark, over and over…

**Keep out of reach of children**

Patented & Made in the U.S.A.


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